The Success mantra has been to achieve quality and style through continuous Innovation and Improvement in technology.

Team of visionary youth, who were hailing from a small village of Gujarat, came up with the idea of ceramic and this resulted in the commencement of a company named Sunshine Ceramic Co P Ltd in Morbi, Gujarat. At the time of laying the foundation for this company, there were only three other ceramic companies in Morbi. After few years of successful functioning, the sunshine brand achieved a prominent position in the tile industry and today it has earned the recognition of being a TREND SETTER AND A MARKET LEADER.

The Sunshine Ceramic Co P Ltd owns the SUNHEARRT CERAMIK. Varmora in a bold and courageous move, sensed the upcoming opportunities in the ceramic industry and was the first to introduce the business of the roof tiles in 1986. This has now expanded to wall tiles, floor tiles, porcelain, vitrified tiles and digital tiles. During the short period of time from the time of initiation, the Sunhearrt brand has reached the maximum heights of success and has carved its own niche in the tile market. The company is proud to have touched the Rs 555 crore turnover mark and is on the continuous lookout to double this figure in the next few years.

In the present situation, we are proud to claim that Sunhearrt Ceramik has contributed immensely to the Indian market. We are the creator of masterpieces which give your homes and offices the perfect desired look. The company is completely focused on its goal to be the best and to provide the customers with the finest tiles in the country and abroad. Our success is very clear from the fact that our company has achieved the status of a global supplier of the best quality tiles.

Designing and producing an innovative and impressive range of product line to satisfy our clients us our sole motive. The perfect combination of top notch quality, state of the art technology and firm determination of our team has helped us to achieve the position where we are today. Our services are based on the saying – Customer is the king. The enthusiasm of our team has resulted in our company achieving the top most position in the tile segment.

We strive to excel, we aim to please. !!!


India is one of the largest domestic market and has emerged 3rd largest consumer of ceramic / vitrified tiles in the world and very well positioned to take the mantle of a global manufacturing base. Sunshine Ceramic Co P Ltd has played its own role in achieving this goal. Since our founding, we have been moving forward on many fronts to capitalize on solid growth opportunities, to improve our operating efficiency and to sharpen our business portfolio’s focus. Today, as a result of our initiatives and several strategic and innovative initiatives, our business has grown many folds and we have emerged as the fast growing company and no. 1 exporter.

Our approach to explore innovative ideas, experimenting with new techniques and implementing a new thought to achieve excellence and change the face of ceramic industries.

Our core principals to customer satisfaction, timely solution, team work, respect to our all individual. And never compromise with our honest approach & ethical practice.

With Regard,
Mr. Bhudr Varmora