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About Sunhearrt

Sunhearrt Ceramics was started by a group of three young people hailing from the town of Morbi in Gujarat. At the time of our inception, there were only a few other manufacturers in the industry and thus we strived to use technology and innovation to set our brand apart from the rest.

After a few years of successful operation, our brand got national as well as global recognition for the quality of our products and our dedication to constantly innovate. Today the Sunhearrt brand has earned the prestigious titles of being a Trend Setter and a Market Leader both in India and around the Globe.

Sunhearrt Ceramiks is owned and operated by The Sunshine Ceramic Co P Ltd. Since our inception in early 1986, we have revolutionized the ceramics industry in India and abroad and till date we continue to strive for reaching perfection. As of this day, our product collection has expanded to include wall tiles, floor tiles, porcelain, vitrified tiles, digital tiles and much more.

Today the Sunhearrt brand is a household name and we have carved a niche of our own in the global market.

Our Mission

  • Our mission is to provide you, the consumer, with the best of designs in a wide range of endless choices.
  • To constantly innovate, create and adopt to newest technologies to leave a truly international footprint.
  • To keep the highest level of quality and technological innovation at the heart of everything we do.
  • To incorporate the norms and standards of corporate governance in all our products, in order to become a truly global and international enterprise.


  • Since our inception, we at Sunhearrt Ceramics have always strived to break barriers with innovation and today we continue to do the same, everyday.
  • Since the very first day, we have strived to make Sunhearrt Tiles the heart and soul of the international ceramic and tiles industry. Due to our core principles of business and always striving to deliver the best quality of products, has helped us achieve the success we have today.
  • To curate and further innovate the art of ceramics and creating exemplary tiles that speak a story.
  • To devote time and energy into innovation and achieve technical mastery in the art of creating tiles that stand out from the rest.
  • To constantly innovate and create new designs and styles that suit the need of every home and office space.
  • To instill quality, durability and reliability in each and everyone of our creations.


  • Established in the year 2009, Sunhearrt has been the market leader in ceramics for the past 8 years.
  • Since its inception, we have grown in leaps and bounds due to our technological innovation and our creativity to manufacture only the best.
  • To always follow our core principles and instill them in everything we do and create.
  • To aim high and yet to remain humble all throughout the process.


  • We are aiming to achieve ultimate quality and perfection to the core.
  • To explore innovation ideas
  • To keep experimenting with new techniques
  • To implement ways to achieve excellence in the field
  • To introduce a new thought and change the face of the ceramic industry

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