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Message from Chairman’s DESK

To aim high but not taking any action to reach there is same as adapting to the latest technologies but not making the best use of it.

Today, India is the 3rd largest manufacturer of ceramics in the world. Being home to large reserves of this invaluable resource was an advantage for the country. The earlier domestic market of India slowly evolved over the years to become a mammoth in the global ceramic industry. Today, it is capable enough of fulfilling the complete demand of ceramics in India and around the globe.

We at Sunhearrt Ceramik played our very own part in making India a globally and technologically advanced ceramic manufacturer it is today. Since our inception in 2009, we at Sunhearrt have always strived to become the early adapters of the latest technological innovations, to increase our operational efficiency and product quality through leaps and bounds. Due to our strategic decisions over the years and our girth to stay true to the core principles of our business, we are the no. 1 exporter of ceramics in India and a prestigious member of the ‘Top 10 Ceramic Manufacturers in India’.

Sunhearrt believes that innovation should lie at the core of everything we create and thus we strive to maintain European standards in all our products and creations. Through the years, our efforts have paid off and today Sunhearrt has touched hearts of millions of people across the globe. Sunhearrt is spread over the globe and has access to over 60+ nations and continues to grow its global network every day.

I wish to express my sincere gratitude to all our agents, distributors worldwide who trust our brand and are loyal to it. They are not only our customers but a motivation behind all our success andgrowth. I also wish to express my gratitude to ouremployees for making Sunhearrt what it is today.

Mr. Bhudr Varmora

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