Ashish Dixit Regional Sales Manager , UP Central

The most important thing about our company is it's familiar environment & supportive management. Our company is one of the best companies in the ceramic industry."Sunhearrt Ceramik" is known in the ceramic industry for our new innovations & attractive designs. I am very grateful to be a part of "Sunhearrt Ceramik" family. I will do my best effort for our organisation growth in future as well.

Ramesh Jidiya Sr. Manager , Ahmedabad

Working at Sunhearrt has been an amazing experience! As part of the IT team, I feel proud to solve complex problems and successfully implemented ERP & Datacenter and add value not only to Sunhearrt, but also to our end customers. At Sunhearrt, our culture calls for trusting in people’s expertise to deliver - and I have experienced this ethos in action while working on completely new assignments. There is a tremendous focus on learning, innovation and fast-paced delivery. I have also been given the opportunity to be a part of one leadership programs at Nirma University through which I learnt a lot. In addition, my leaders have always been there to mentor and guide me. All of these factors have contributed in making Sunhearrt my longest stint at any organization in my professional career.

Sanjay N U Regional Sales Manager , Central Kerala

I am working in Sunhearrt for last 3 years and comparing with other company's Sunhearrt Ceramik management is really supportive to their employees a lot even regards to personal matters. Me and my team have experienced this closely when we got a great support from our management in 2018 August during kerala flood.

Sunil Patel General Manager , Morbi

On 28th of August,2009 our company “Sunshine Tiles Co P Ltd” came in existence but my journey started far before that. I am associated with the Management team of “Sunhearrt” since the year2007. I am very thankful to all the core team members of “Sunhearrt Group” especially Jagdishkaka, Bhudarkaka and Manojbhai because in my early time they have put reliance on me and given the opportunity to work with them.

I have started with "Zero Balance in my account as well as Zero in knowledge” but company hadgiven me opportunity to grow at par with Company. I am very much satisfied with the work culture in our organisation. Every day I feel like it’s my second home and I am very thankful to all the people working at par with me or working at horizontal level or at vertical level because without their efforts and support I could have not been able to work more than decade. I am once again requesting all the stakeholders of “Sunhearrt Group” to work hard until we reach our target which already set in our punch line “Until We Reach the Sky".

Sanket Pandya Sr.Executive , Morbi

I have joined SUNHEARRT in the year 2014 My work experience with the company had taught me so much andI would like to share the same in a brief.

While working with the marketing and Logistic team, I have been inspired by the buzz and true enthusiasm employees have towards the organizational development. My stay has given me an insight into working life in the City and this experience has inspired me to work even harder to achieve my aims.

In such a small space of time I have grown as an individual and learned the variety of careers available for young people today at Sunhearrt.

S. Porselvi Sr. Executive , Chennai

I just wanted you to know that I am truly happy to work at Sunhearrt, the continued patronage by the company is a vital growth for its employees. The company's support played a huge role in its accomplishments and I personally want to thank our team and the company for the faith and trust it places on its employees and their welfare.

Thanks again, I look forward to serving Sunheart for many coming years.

Arif Sherafudeen Sr. Executive , Chennai

I've been working in Sunshine Tiles for the last four years. In my opinion this is an excellent company andwe are experiencing great support from the management side. DuringKerala flood hit, the company management stood together with us and offered great supporting hands to the affected employees and dealers.

When it’s about the product quality and available selection, the company is at par with the top brands in India and the quality of the materials is excellent. It gives me immense pleasure to be a part of this esteemed organization and i am proud to say that i am working for Sunhearrt.

Amit Rajpara General Manager , Ahmedabad

SUNSHINE TILES CO P LTD. Started in 2009 but I have started my career with Shri.B.G. Varmora in 2007 without any prior experience. He trusted on me and provided me with the opportunity to work with him which made me learn how to handle different situations in work and overcome all difficulties.

With management’s support, I have done different types of work during my tenure and completed more than a decade with the company very satisfactorily. I am still ready with the same energy to give my 100% to the company for all future endeavors which will surely help me to grow further within the company and achieve all my targets and goals.

Once again I would like to thank the Sunhearrt group management for keeping faith in me.

Rajeev Ranjan Area Sales Manager , Muzaffarpur

I started my carrier with Sunhearrt Ceramik in October 2017 and I realized today that it was one of my best decision .Had a good learning experience with the team. My efforts were always recognized and appreciated which always encouraged me take our company to new height of success. I have witnessed the remarkable growth of our company in this industry and hope to achieve the milestone of success for others to follow. Management team and all associates have been always supportive.

Sanjay Jain AVP – Operations , Morbi

Hi, I am Sanjay Jain working with Sunhearrt Group as AVP Operations since May 2017. Sunhearrt Manufacturing Plant in Morbi is a model plant for making the big slabs. Head office & display in top location of Ahmedabad city at S.G. Highway are glorious. Working culture & co-ordination among team members is remarkable. Core targets of management are better quality & Customer delights.

Formula for our success is competitiveness and innovation, skills & productivity. Feel proud to be working with the top export company in tile segment.

Bhupendrasinh Kumpavat Assistant Manager , Ahmedabad

I started my journey at “Sunshine Tiles Co Pvt ltd” in 2011. I am very Happy with company & I am proud to say that I am part of “Sunhearrt Family”.I have started my career with Mr.Hardik Varmora and would like to thank him for his friendly guidance and constant encouragement.

“Sunhearrt” believes in giving its employees better opportunities, to ensure they have a better trained & more knowledgeable team. In our Ahmedabad head office, we celebrate all festivals with full joy and every team member is very supportive to each other like one family. In my opinion Sunhearrt is one of the best company with a great workplace in the whole tile industry.

Dharmesh Thakkar Regional Sales Manager , Ahmedabad

I have been working with Sunhearrt Ceramik since 6 months and no doubt it has been an amazing journey and experience. The management has been very supportive to their employees in regards to their personal matters as well and the team gives a familiar environment to each other.

Talking about the product, Suhearrt offers to its customer a very innovative and different range which is unlike from what our competitors offer. Being in the market I get really nice feedback about our product and service we offer. The suggestions are always welcomed by the company and also implemented by the management.

Siddharth Somani Executive , Ahmedabad

'sunhearrt' it is not just a company name for me but a great and extra ordinary opportunity to improve my self by continuous practical learning process. sunhearrt is an innovative company that ensures to make positive waves in the future.

I joined sunhearrt ceramik in the month of June 2018 as fresher, the first corporate job with wonderful culture. it is an incredible ceramik company as per my knowledge. here i perceive family oriented, rewarding, relaxed, collaborative, motivating, innovative and autonomous work culture.