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Ashish Dixit
Regional Sales Manager
Up Central

The most important thing about our company is it's familiar environment & supportive management. Our company is one of the best companies in the ceramic industry."Sunhearrt Ceramik" is known in the ceramic industry for our new innovations & attractive designs. I am very grateful to be a part of "Sunhearrt Ceramik" family. I will do my best effort for our organisation growth in future as well.

Vinay Kumar Gupta
General Manager

"I joined Sunheart in 2017 and the past two years have been a great learning experience both from a role and geography perspective. The organization has a strong focus on customer and dealer experience and that always bodes well for the employees too as they get an opportunity to embark on an aspiring learning curve which has been the case with me first while managing the eastern growth markets and subsequently being bestowed with an opportunity to explore and work in the established and diverse western region.

I must say that at this stage of my career, I couldn't have made a better choice for an employer. As they say, the juice has definitely been worth the squeeze."

Pratik Parmar
Showroom Manager

"Sunhearrt is company great to work in, as team very strongly bonded with its values,the company has some of the policies which are employee friendly,which are meticulously crafted and even more meticulously implemented. There is not end for the professional who wish to learn,diversify and grow in their career."

"Sunhearrt Invests heavily in bringing the best quality of professional's to grow together as a company with employee."

"Sunhearrt is just not only a company but it’s a family where everyone works together,prays together and develops themselves together".

Ramesh Jidiya
Head- IT/ERP

Working at Sunhearrt has been an amazing experience!

As part of the IT team, I feel proud to solve complex problems and successfully implemented ERP & Datacenter and add value not only to Sunhearrt, but also to our end customers. At Sunhearrt, our culture calls for trusting in people’s expertise to deliver - and I have experienced this ethos in action while working on completely new assignments. There is a tremendous focus on learning, innovation and fast-paced delivery. I have also been given the opportunity to be a part of one leadership programs at Nirma University through which I learnt a lot. In addition, my leaders have always been there to mentor and guide me. All of these factors have contributed in making Sunhearrt my longest stint at any organization in my professional career.

Sanjay N.U
Regional Sales Manager
Central Kerala

I am working in Sunhearrt for last 3 years and comparing with other company's Sunhearrt Ceramik management is really supportive to their employees a lot even regards to personal matters. Me and my team have experienced this closely when we got a great support from our management in 2018 August during kerala flood.

Sunil Patel
Accounts Head

On 28th of August,2009 our company “Sunshine Tiles Co P Ltd” came in existence but my journey started far before that. I am associated with the Management team of “Sunhearrt” since the year2007. I am very thankful to all the core team members of “Sunhearrt Group” especially Jagdishkaka, Bhudarkaka and Manojbhai because in my early time they have put reliance on me and given the opportunity to work with them.

I have started with “Zero Balance in my account as well as Zero in knowledge” but company hadgiven me opportunity to grow at par with Company. I am very much satisfied with the work culture in our organisation. Every day I feel like it’s my second home and I am very thankful to all the people working at par with me or working at horizontal level or at vertical level because without their efforts and support I could have not been able to work more than decade. I am once again requesting all the stakeholders of “Sunhearrt Group” to work hard until we reach our target which already set in our punch line “Until We Reach the Sky”.

Shivani Rana
Management Trainee – Business Development

I've recently joined SunhearrtCeramik and in such a short span of time I've begun to understand and value the culture imbibed here.

Being a fresher this is my first experience at a corporate and till now it has only been enriching.

When I go out to explore the market and meet clients, their feedback of the products and services says it all about the place this company has made for itself in the industry.


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