Ceramics: an exclusive impression of nature, an exquisite expression in application!
Ceramics: an exclusive impression of nature, an exquisite expression in application!

Ceramics, as an industry, is well-bred in technology and innovation. Continual upgradation further makes these a preferable choice for one's spaces; interiors or exteriors. Specifically, the tiles segment is designed keeping in mind the textures and surfaces suitable for architectural purposes. 

Sunhearrt, available across its premium collections through its collections, Art Stone, Marbellous, and Pepper Stone, provides an ingenious reinterpretation of the intrinsic feel of nature, its patterns, and terrains. Within this, the Urban and Urban Plus series further is an artful rendition that depicts the intricate ruggedness of natural surfaces and presents the same with elegance on varied tiles and slabs formats.

This elusive texture and surface profile paired with the unique designs from the collection, opens the door to new decor possibilities for homes and spaces, especially for the outdoors. Alongside their extreme durability for outdoor application and exceptional resilience with 15mm thickness, these tiles are functional yet aesthetic. Its application can certainly transform one's outdoor spaces, including pathways, patios, and relevant furniture pieces, balconies, sit-outs, swimming pool borders, door and window frames, clad furniture, dry laying on the grass, gravel, steps, courtyards, and much more. 

The series offers anti-slip, water, heat, and frost resistance, UV rays protection, and features to give one a reason to prefer these resilient tiles for multitudinous applications; also while remaining unaffected by the weather conditions.

So, select from residential, commercial, and/or public spaces to elevate its outdoors with Urban and Urban Plus Series tiles by Sunhearrt Ceramik. Floor the outdoor areas with functionally unparalleled, innovative, and aesthetically impressive architectural surfaces to experience the outdoors like never before!

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