Message from Chairman’s DESK

We firmly believe in growing together with the people and society. True to our values and eagerness to make a mark, we envision the group achieving pinnacles of success through dedication, teamwork, innovation, and passion.

With and for our clients, we continue to uncover the full potential of materials, people, and ideas. Our products are considered benchmarks of quality in the industry and we take pride in them.As pioneers of the past and harbingers of the future, we always have our sleeves rolled up for challenges. We continue to think big, do more, and bring the circular economy to life – that’s our formula for driving positive change.

We constantly strive to offer a work environment where our people can reach their true potential. We put the health, safety, and well-being of our employees at the forefront by focusing on prevention and by helping to make our work environments fair and inclusive so that diversity can flourish. We have had a wonderful journey so far. Looking at the future, we plan to conquer new horizons through eco-friendly innovations & promotion of sustainable technology.

Mr. Bhudar Varmora Chairman