Furnish with ceramik from Sunhearrt!
Furnish with ceramik from Sunhearrt!

The ecological imbalance has changed the definition of furniture, which usually resonates with wooden craftsmanship. Today, it is a road less taken with an alternative already in place. 

Sunhearrt Ceramik, as an initiator of this endeavor, came up with ceramic slabs that are a perfect replacement for wood-based furniture. Inspired by nature in its designs and sturdiness in their applicability, these tiles can be crafted into an entire range. With a thickness of up to 15mm, they are a rage among architects and interior designers, who have been looking to introduce a better alternative with an artistic impression and a novel ecological solution. 

The brand's latest introduction is superior in its functionality and aesthetics over other non-ceramic traditional materials, such as wood, which can get damaged or rotten; glass with its liability of brittleness or scratches; marble and stone come with a downside of depletion in our natural resources; and lastly plastics and metals with their sustainability issues.

Instead, these ceramic slabs by Sunhearrt Ceramik provide water-stain-fade-scratch resistance in addition to their high sustainability. They have controlled and minimized wear-tear or weather-based damage because of their non-porous nature, making them almost maintenance-free and lasting without losing their quality, finishing, and eventual charm.

So for the next design inspiration or selection mood board, you may want to match your ceramic slabs with the modern interiors of your kitchen, benches, planters, and much more, for imagination is the key to better spaces here!

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